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The Franklin Capital Team

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The Franklin Capital Team

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Our Experienced Team Will Help You Succeed

The key element that sets finance companies apart is their team. The experienced Franklin Capital team works to make a difference for our clients. We are passionate about working with you to solve the financial challenges that you face so that you will succeed and grow.

Bob Corley

Credit Analyst

P: (847) 579-4780

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Kylie Dore

SVP of Documentation

P: (847) 861-1118

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Sue Duckett

Chief Operating Officer

P: (847) 861-1128

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Gary Edidin

CEO and Chairman

P: (847) 861-1112

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Jen Eisan

SVP of Trade Finance

P: (847) 861-1721

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Matt Fink

Executive Vice President

P: (847) 861-1120

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Norm Friedman


P: (847) 861-1111

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Donna Krauchun

Account Executive

P: (847) 861-3001

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Kristy Krejci

Account Executive

P: (847) 861-1117

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Marci Moss

Secretary/Treasurer/HR Manager

P: (847) 861-1119

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Tom Obney

Sr. Underwriter and Credit Analyst

P: (847) 861-1123

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Gloria Rodriguez

Account Executive

Malvin Tang

Trade Finance Manager

P: (708) 315-558

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In Our Clients Words

“I am very pleased at the relationship we’re building with Franklin. Their account managers are very professional and work really well together with my staff.”


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