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Franklin Stretch Finance

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Franklin Stretch Finance

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Unsecured Immediate Funding

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

    • Does your current financing not provide for your company’s immediate cash needs?
    • Could you make more money if you had additional funding?
    • Are you “leaving money on the table” because of inadequate funding?
    • Does your company have growth opportunities but needs more cash to take advantage of them?

Then Franklin Stretch Finance is the solution.

Franklin Stretch Finance provides additional funding to meet the immediate cash flow needs of small and medium-sized businesses with cash requirements beyond their existing financing sources.


Franklin’s Stretch Finance provides immediate funds for:

    • Deposits to suppliers.
    • Inventory purchases for e-commerce sales and stocking inventory.
    • Purchases of raw materials.
    • Coverage of overline requirements.
    • Production labor costs.
    • Funding to fill large orders.
    • Funding of export sales.
    • Seasonal cash flow shortfalls.
    • Equipment or production line purchases.
    • General working capital.
    • Funding for unanticipated opportunities.
      • Inventory purchases at deep discounts.
      • Product line or brand purchases.
      • Business acquisitions or other investments.
      • Real estate purchases.

Stretch finance can help your business grow with terms ranging from 1 – 24 months, with funds being paid back daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly or via a factor takeout. The financing can be offered as lines of credit, term loans, promissory notes, and/or loans against future sales and receipts.   

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What is Franklin Stretch Financing?

Franklin Stretch Finance is a quick and flexible funding solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Franklin Stretch Financing:

    • Provides incremental funding to meet the cash flow needs of small and medium-size businesses that can’t access additional capital through their existing financing sources.
      • Take advantage of preferential purchasing opportunities.Franklin Stretch Finance
      • Fulfil large or unexpected customer orders.
      • Accelerate grow and expansion.
    • Complements and is subordinated to existing working capital financing.
    • Can be used as a bridge to 3rd party financing or an M&A event.
    • Provides capital for growth opportunities.

How Does Franklin Stretch Finance WOrk?

The application process is quick and easy, and once completed; funding can be provided in less than a week.

Franklin Stretch Financing step 1

Submit Your Application

Submit the application to Franklin along with current company financial statements, last year’s tax return, and 12 months of bank statements.

Franklin Stretch Financing step 2

Franklin Reviews Your Application

Once we receive the completed application and support documents we will review the application and respond within 24-48 hours with a term sheet outlining terms and conditions.

Franklin Stretch Funding step 3


Due dillegence, preparation of documents, and funding will take place within 2-7 working days.

Who Qualifies for Franklin Stretch Financing? 

US and Canadian-based small and midsized companies in all industries qualify for Gateway Stretch Financing. With transactions ranging from $20,000 to $15MM, our revenue-based funding programs are a fit for most businesses with 6 months of recent commercial checking statements or 12 months of bank balances for seasonal businesses.

In order to qualify, the business must operate with a valid commercial checking account, no open personal or business bankruptcies, no material tax liens (unless a payment plan is in place), accurate financial reporting, and you must deposit $20,000 or more per month in the business checking account(s).

Could Franklin Stretch Finance Help Your Company Grow?

Put our financing experts to work for your business today! Simply complete our application, give us a call (847) 579-4780 or schedule a call with one of our finance experts.

In Our Clients Words

“Over the past five years Franklin has been very in tune with us as a client. When I call Sue, I never feel like I am calling a bank and talking to a banker. It is always a personal conversation about my business, what I need, my goals, and how they could help. Truly, they are more like a business consultant. I feel like I have a partner in my business that will help me figure out a financial solution for what we want to do. It has been amazing. Franklin is always responsive, which has been an enormous help. Because sometimes you need to know, can I do this and draw on this line? What if I get this project? How can you help me? Franklin has always been there with answers to my financial questions. Additionally, they have helped with potential solutions to problems that may be coming my way. Knowing they are in my corner has all been an enormous relief.”

Paul Ciesiun

President / Creator at L3DFX