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Inventory Finance

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Inventory Finance

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Inventory Financing increases your flexibility in the marketplace and addresses seasonal sales requirements.

Franklin Capital provides inventory loans to our Accounts Receivable Finance clients. We advance up to 50% of the cost of your inventory. Coupled with Accounts Receivable Financing, our Inventory Financing Program enables you to generate sufficient funds to achieve your goals.


Benefits of Inventory Financing from Franklin Capital

Inventory Financing increases your flexibility in the marketplace and allows you to:

  • Utilize your inventory as security to increase your working capital.
  • Have the liquidity you need to pay suppliers more quickly, allowing you to qualify for discounts.
  • Have the ability to hold more inventory to boost your sales.
  • Place larger inventory orders, which can offer cheaper pricing structures.
  • Address your seasonal sales requirements. 



Candidates for our Inventory Financing Program:

  • Offered only to our current Account Receivable Finance clients.
  • Funding is only available for finished goods.

Requirements to get started:

  • Current aging of accounts receivable.
  • Current aging of accounts payable.
  • Recent financial statements.
  • Warehouse information.
  • Detailed inventory list.

In Our Clients Words

“Franklin honors their commitments with their clients' - everything that Franklin said they would do, they’ve done.”


California-based Textile Manufacturer

Find out how Franklin Capital’s Inventory Finance programs can help you grow your business!

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