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Non-performing Loan Program

Is your bank under pressure from regulators because of non-performing loans? Is this pressure creating capital issues that threaten to erode the value of your bank and its shareholders’ investment?

Renew your confidence and control by partnering with Franklin Capital and Loan Workout Advisers, veteran loan workout professionals, widely recognized for best-in-class performance and optimization of outcomes for troubled C&I and real estate loans.

With extensive expertise in banking and asset resolution, Franklin Capital and Loan Workout Advisers offer broad spectrum solutions to help banks push back against the formidable dynamics inherent in the current market and regulatory environment.

 A Unique Collaboration

Franklin Capital Holdings LLC was formed more than twenty years ago by Heller executives and bankers specializing in the turn-around of troubled banks. Featuring the most advanced MIS and analytics, Franklin Capital provides services to banks with stressed C&I portfolios and asset-based lending to small and mid-size businesses throughout the United States.

Loan Workout Advisers LLC was founded by community bank turn-around and loan workout experts, and has saved tens of millions of dollars in regulatory capital for bank clients. Loan Workout Advisers has an unmatched track record for assisting community banks in distress.

This unique collaboration enables client banks to minimize the capital impact of non-performing assets and return to competitiveness.