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Funding for UK-Owned Businesses with US Subsidiaries

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Funding for UK-Owned Businesses with US Subsidiaries

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Finding funding for UK-owned businesses with US subsidiaries can be very challenging.

Franklin Capital has the expertise to successfully fund UK-owned companies incorporated in the US and Canada.

Franklin Capital provides Factoring and Purchase Order Financing to cover expenses such as payroll and purchasing stock. Sue Duckett, a native of the UK who has decades of experience helping businesses with foreign ownership and has an understanding of UK laws, leads our experienced team.

Common challenges UK-owned businesses face when seeking funding for their US subsidiaries:

    • US funders may require a personal guarantee from a US citizen or legal resident. Without this, the facility may be denied.
    • Many US funders do not have essential UK contacts. As a result, the lack of connections can cause challenges and delays in completing the funding if issues arise and they do not know where to find the necessary information.
    • Many US funders do not have the knowledge of UK funding on offer. Therefore, they cannot provide a good comparison to translate facilities on offer.
    • US funders often request information on the UK company that does not exist in the UK. Consequently, they do not know how to overcome this to provide a facility.

When you turn to Franklin Capital for funding of UK-owned businesses with locations in the US and Canada, these won’t be challenges because of our extensive experience. 

Financial products available to UK-based businesses:


We provide up to 90% of your invoices with save day funding.

Purchase Order Financing

Advancing up to 100% of your supplier PO for pre-purchased stock.

Successful funding for a UK-headquartered piping supplier

A well-established UK-headquartered piping supplier was looking to have their US operations stand-alone. However, they lacked the working capital to accept and fulfill several large new contracts. It had been difficult for them to secure the financing because their main business was in the UK.

The Solution

Franklin Capital successfully provided the company with a $1,000,000 factoring facility allowing them to accept the large contracts and grow their US-based business.

“After struggling to get support from our corporate bank due to the size of our business, we were referred to Franklin Capital. They have helped us with short-term financing to bridge our cash flow. We have found it easy to work with Sue and her team to set up the facility, which has offered great flexibility. Since Franklin is not a large bank, I feel they have truly been able to take an interest in our business, and I know I can always pick up the phone to speak directly with someone,” stated the Operations Director, for the UK headquartered piping supplier. 

With the financing from Franklin Capital, the company now has the short-term cash flow they need. They expect to be in an excellent position to grow their business.

“We were excited to have the opportunity to help this amazing international company. Franklin’s experience helping companies headquartered outside the US access customized financing programs was key to this successful partnership. Our experience allowed us to provide them with the financing they need to grow their US business,” commented Sue Duckett, COO, Franklin Capital.

In Our Clients Words

“I really like the one-on-one relationship I have with our account manager. Everyone at Franklin works together as a team and takes the time to understand our needs.”


California-based Machine Parts Manufacturer

Franklin Capital is your funding solution for UK-owned businesses with subsidiaries in the US and Canada.

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